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Francesco Fuso Nerini

Francesco headshot

Francesco will visit the International Energy Agency as a WholeSEM fellow from October to December 2016. At the IEA he will work in the Directorate of Sustainability, Technology and Outlooks (STO) in the division of Energy Demand Outlook Division (EDO). At the IEA Francesco will contribute to energy analyses investigating which actions could be taken in the global energy system to achieve the target set in the Paris Agreement of limiting global warming to well below 2°C.

Dennis Konadu

Dennis Konadu Image

Dr. Dennis Konadu will visit the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (Berkeley Lab) in California USA for 10 weeks from January to March 2017. He will be investigating the development of a framework for evaluating the resiliency of water and energy infrastructure and services under climate change in California and the UK. 

Whilst the current configuration of the UK Foreseer tool evaluates the levels of sustainable resource appropriation for the energy system, resilience of both the energy system and resource use under climate change are not adequately characterised. 

Dennis aims to use this fellowship for development of a comprehensive framework for evaluating the resiliency of water and energy system infrastructure and services under a changing climate, which could be applied not only in the UK, but also in other jurisdictions; and to use the developed framework to identify the required/appropriate scale for the implementation of potential solutions aimed at ensuring resiliency in the water-energy system interface of the Foreseer tool.

Dennis joined the Engineering Department at University of Cambridge as a Research Associate of the Whole System Energy Modelling (wholeSEM) Consortium in September, 2013. He is currently working on land and water connections to UK energy systems and applying the Foreseer tool. Prior to joining the University of Cambridge, Dennis studied for a PhD in Environmental Science at the University of Lancaster, which he completed in 2013. His PhD research focused on analysing and mapping terrestrial carbon sequestration opportunities across UK landscapes. He also holds a MSc. in Water Science, Policy and Management from Christ Church, Oxford University.