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wholeSEM working group on modelling the demand-side

This collaborative working group includes eight wholeSEM research associates from our four universities. The aim of the group is to identify and develop the tools that are required to build a better understanding of energy demand in the UK. The group is concerned with understanding the context of current energy demand and with modelling the potential to:

•    reduce energy demand in the home;
•    reduce energy demand from industry, including opportunities to reduce demand for embodied emissions intensive materials; and,
•    switch energy demand to different times of the day to reduce pressure on the electricity grid.

In doing so, the group will seek to improve assumptions relating to the capacity for change on the demand-side and the welfare implications of such change. This is an interdisciplinary group that draws on a range of expertise in electricity infrastructure modelling, energy systems modelling, macro-economic modelling, material flow analysis, agent-based modelling, social practice theory, sociology and social psychology.

Members include:
Hannah Daly – UCL
Kavin Narasimhan – University of Surrey
Dimitrios Papadaskalopoulos – Imperial College London
Tom Roberts – University of Surrey
Sandy Skelton – University of Cambridge
Zenaida Sobral-Mourao – University of Cambridge
Matthew Winning - UCL
Maria Xenitidou – University of Surrey