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Experts gather at the IEA to give strategic direction on energy and development

21 April 2017

World in hands

wholeSEM RA Francesco Fuso Nerini participated and helped organise this special event at the International Energy Agency (IEA) bringing together over 100 experts from 30 countries from governments, business, academia and the finance sector to share best practices, policy actions and provide strategic direction for a new WEO special report entitled 'Energy Access Outlook: from Poverty to Prosperity'.

The latest IEA country by country data finds that 1.2 billion people have no access to electricity and 2.7 billion still cook their food using dangerous, polluting stoves that are linked to 3.5 million premature deaths from household air pollution each year. This lack of modern energy acts as a major brake on efforts to reduce poverty, improve health, education, gender equality and a range of other positive economic and social outcomes.

The IEA’s World Energy Outlook has been conducting analysis on energy access for nearly two decades and will publish the new special report in October 2017.

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