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Formalised guidance comes at critical time as Energy System Optimisation Models used to inform climate policy

14 March 2017

Hand drawing wind turbines © bennyartist, available on Fotolia

Researchers have drawn on their collective modelling experience, lead by wholeSEM fellow Joe DeCarolis, to produce a guide for bottom-up energy systems modelling.

Energy system optimisation models (ESOMs) are widely used to generate insight that informs energy and environmental policy. Using ESOMs to produce policy-relevant insight requires significant modeller judgement, yet little formal guidance exists on how to conduct analysis with ESOMs. 

'Formalizing best practice for energy system optimization modelling' published in Applied Energy in May 2017 articulates  a set of overarching principles that can be used to guide ESOM-based analysis, outlining and explaining critical steps in the modelling process.

This guides comes at a critical time as ESOMs are being used to inform national climate targets.

Paper Highlights

• Energy system optimization models (ESOMs) are a critical tool for policy analysis.

• Significant modeller judgment is required, yet little formal guidance exists.

• This paper formalizes best practice for energy system optimization modelling.

• We outline a set of principles and modelling steps to guide ESOM-based analysis.

• Formalized guidance comes at a critical time as ESOMs inform climate policy.

Joe DeCarolis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at North Carolina State University and undertook a wholeSEM Fellowship in July 2015 at University College London.

Further Information

Read the paper: Formalizing best practice for energy system optimization modelling (2017) Applied Energy 

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