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How buyer's regret costs us £25 billion every year

22 February 2017


A wholeSEM paper from Ecological Economics has been cited in an article on the Mail Online.

Questioning demand: A study of regretted purchases in Great Britain by Alexandra Skelton and Julian Allwood, University of Cambridge presents findings from a nationally representative household survey on the tendency to regret purchases across 20 product groups.

Key findings included:

  • Buying goods we regret costs us up to £25bn a year.
  • The vast majority of British adults have regretted purchasing in the past.
  • Regret is shown to be particularly prevalent for clothing & footwear and takeaway food.
  • Wasteful purchases costs each household an average of up to £1,040 a year.

These findings are interesting because they suggest that there is a degree of self-assessed over-consumption that, if reduced, could help to reduce pressures on the environment.

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