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1st wholeSEM Advisory Board held

22 October 2013

Date: 21.10.13

Location: UCL

wholeSEM held its first Advisory Board in London. Chaired by Professor Jim Skea, the meeting brought together senior representation from key UK stakeholders as well as representation from wider UK academia and internationally leading energy modelling experts from other countries.

The function of the Advisory Board is to provide advice on:

  • Overall scope of work on constructing, integrating and applying state-of-the-art energy models across different disciplines;
  • Iterative communication of outputs to key decision makers in government and industry;
  • Bilateral linkages with the broader set of UK and international stakeholders including the range of technical and policy conferences and workshops, the fellowship programme, model data and documentation, and responsive engagement mechanisms;
  • The progress of the centre, in particular timescales and deliverables.