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New publication from wholeSEM's Imperial team describes comprehensive, end-to-end bioenergy value chain model

27 March 2015

biogas plant

A new publication, by wholeSEM members Dr. Sheila Samsatli, Dr. Nouri Samsatli and Prof. Nilay Shah, describes in detail the state-of-the-art mathematical model formulation that they developed for the Energy Technologies Institute’s Biomass Value Chain Model (BVCM) toolkit, which is a whole-system optimisation toolkit focusing on biomass. The toolkit includes an extensive database of different biomass technologies which can determine where, when and how bioenergy resources and technologies can be deployed.

The BVCM was commissioned and funded by the ETI in order to evaluate future bioenergy scenarios for the UK up to the 2050s. It was developed by a consortium, led by E4tech, including Imperial Consultants, Rothamsted Research, Southampton University, Forest Research, EDF-EIFER, Black and Veatch and AgraCEAS. The toolkit has been used extensively by the ETI to gain insights into the future of the UK Bioenergy Sector.

As part of the wholeSEM project, our Imperial team are developing a similar model, STeMES, which is capable of optimising the design and operation of multi-vector energy networks including a detailed account of storage and transport. This will be used to investigate how the energy-demand system can be optimised over multiple energy vectors and infrastructures.

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