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Professor Neil Strachan delivers workshop on Climate Change Mitigation and Leadership at LIFE 2014 Conference

12 August 2014

Harnessing Nature © Tommy Clark available on Flickr

On August 8th 2014, wholeSEM's Principal Investigator Professor Neil Strachan delivered a workshop at the LIFE 2014 conference – Leadership Initiative for Excellence. The workshop 'Climate Change Mitigation and Leadership' aimed to get students to think through the trade-offs, uncertainties and decision making in formulating a long-term international agreement on mitigating climate change. The workshop also explored how leaders balance the long-term risks to the global environment with short-term priorities on jobs, development, and the political realities of individual countries. 

Leadership Initiative for Excellence (LIFE), an initiative by The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF) creates a platform for students with leadership skills to interact, exchange ideas, and empower them as thinkers and change-makers.

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Professor Neil Strachan

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