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Modelling Long-term UK Energy Futures: Challenges and Competing Objectives.

8th and 9th July 2014 Royal Academy of Engineering

Copyright Kheng Guan Toh -

The 1st annual conference of the Whole Systems Energy Modelling (wholeSEM) consortium focused on modelling and modelling insights. The overall aim was to take the latest UK government long term pathways and to analyse these from alternate modelling perspectives. These models were taken from the wholeSEM consortium, notably behavioural responses, the dynamics of technological change, the role of key infrastructures, and the wider environmental implications. This was supplemented by and contrasted with wider UK modelling expertise. Finally the modelling outputs were framed by senior UK energy decision makers to comment on the consistent implementation of these (sometime competing) modelling insights in the UK policy framework.

Read our Annual Conference 2014 Report

Conference Presentations