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Building bilateral engagement mechanisms with the wider UK energy systems community in academia, government and industry.

Comprehensive bi-directional collaboration with the full range of UK and international energy systems experts and stakeholders is a core goal of the wholeSEM project. 

Taken together, these activities will provide a unique hub for the rapidly growing UK energy modelling user group and network of stakeholders.

27th March 2017: Francesco Fuso Nerini participated and helped organise an IEA event in which experts gathered to provide strategic direction for a new World Energy Outlook special report - Paris

7th Feb 2017: Neil Strachan presenting at Alternative Pathways toward Sustainable Development and Climate Stabilisation (ALPS) Symposium - Tokyo, Japan 

30 November 2016: Goran Strbac presented 'Value of Flexibility and System Externalities of Low-Carbon Generation Technologies' at the UK Energy Storage Annual Conference

28 - 29 November 2016: Energy Transitions. ‘Energy Transition 2016; Technology, data and investment - structural changes in today’s energy sector', Chatham House London.

  • Neil Strachan speaking on Big Data in Energy Forecasts and Transitions

24 - 25 November 2016: 
Neil Strachan attended roundtable as part of the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Select Committee. This committee will help to inform two policy milestones, a Green Paper on industrial strategy with a White Paper to follow.

16 November 2016:  Neil Strachan presented 'Modelling energy transitions under landscape and actor inertia' to PhD and MSc students and academics as part of Energy Economics Seminar at SEEC (Surrey Energy Economics Centre)

16 - 17 November 2016:
Pei-Hao Li attending the Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme (ETSAP) Stakeholder Meeting in Spain

16 November 2016: BEIS Select Committee Industrial Strategy Paper

1 November 2016:
 Nilay Shah meeting with BEIS to discuss the role of hydrogen in future energy systems

24 October 2016: Marianne Zeyringer presented her research on integrating variable renewable energy sources (VRE) into the power system at the Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

24 October 2016: ADVANCE Annual Conference (PDF), Brussels, Belgium

20 October 2016: Dennis Konadu and Pedro Rivotti site visit to Terravesta, Lincoln, UK

16 October 2016: Pedro Rivotti gave an oral presentation at the UK-China workshop on low carbon energy, at Queen’s Univerity Belfast under the Newton Fund.

12 October 2016: James Price presented on the high spatial and temporal resolution electricity system model (highRES) at the Centre for Energy Systems Integration (CESI) launch event in Newcastle

12 October 2016: UK Times Model (UKTM) Expert User Group Meeting, UCL, London

11 October 2016: Pedro Rivotti attended a UK-Kazakhstan workshop on low-carbon energy, at Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

7 October 2016: Ilkka Keppo attending Energy Systems Catapult One Day Workshop - expert user group, Birmingham, UK

19 -23 September 2016: presentation of HOPES at the Social Simulation Conference 2016, Rome, Italy

21 September 2016
: British Institute of Energy Economics Annual Conference Innovation and Disruption: the energy sector in transition, St John’s College, Oxford

  • Discussion session: 'How Many Energy Models should be Developed, Maintained and Applied to Decision Making' with Professor Neil Strachan, Professor Goran Strbac, Ms Marianne Zeyringer and Dr Zenaida Sobal Mourao.

16 September 2016: Participated in the IMPETUS domestic water modelling workshop at University of Southampton

14 September 2016: Ilkka Keppo was a speaker at the UK CCS Research Centre biannual meeting on Impact of technology uncertainty on future low-carbon pathways in the UK, Edinburgh

12 - 14 September 2016: Presented 'Understanding  the  dynamics  of  energy  intensive  domestic social practices' at the 3rd Energy and Society Conference, Leipzig, Germany

5 - 6 September 2016
:presentation of HOPES at the Social Simulation for the Energy Transition Workshop, Wuppertal Institute, Germany

31 August 2016: Russell McKenna Seminar 'Combining local preferences and linear optimisation with multi-criteria decision analysis to develop feasible energy concepts in small communities' (PDF) UCL Energy Institute

24 August 2016: Francis Li meeting with Innovate UK on improving the utility of energy models for policy analysis, BEIS, London

24 August 2016: Neil Strachan meeting with Amanda Charles from The Council for Science and Technology, UCL, London

24 August 2016: UKTM restructuring meeting with DECC

3-5 August 2016: MMIRA Conference 2016 Moving Beyond the Linear Model: The Role of Mixed Methods Research in an Age of Complexity, Durham University, UK

15th-16th June 2016:German Science Foundation (DFG) Scientific Forum for Early Career Researchers on 'Understanding the Water-Energy-Food Nexus and its Implications for Governance', Osnabruck, Germany.

  • Professor Keith Richards presentation on "Foreseer: visualisation, decision support and an analytical framework for the water-land-energy nexus"

9th June 2016: 
New or old technologies to decarbonize UK’s electricity system? Marianne Zeyringer, Birgit Fais, James Price presented at the International Conference on the European Energy Market, Portugal

17 - 22 April 2016: European Geophysical Union (EGU) Conference, Vienna, Austria

  • wholeSEM's Cambridge team and KTH, Sweden convened a session on 'Energy and environmental system interactions – Policy and modelling'
  • Dr Zenaida Mourao & Dr Dennis Konadu presented a poster on 'Air quality and future energy system planning'

13 - 15 April 2016
: Demand Centre Conference, Lancaster

  • Two papers presented by wholeSEM Surrey team

6-8 April 2016: British Sociological Association Conference, Aston University, Birmingham, UK

  • Two papers presented by wholeSEM Surrey team

6 April 2016
: Energy-economic modelling training (PDF), UCL Energy Institute, London

5 April 2016: Role and value of flexible technologies in supporting cost effective transition to a low carbon energy future, IEEE ENERGYCON 2016, Leuven, Belgium

1 March 2016: Energy policy in London - security, infrastructure and sustainability, Policy Forum for London Keynote Seminar, Sixty One Whitehall, London SW1A 2ET

29th February - 3rd March 2016:
Professor Keith Richards, trip to Beijing: presentations on 'Illustrating the energy-water-land nexus' based on the Foreseer visualisation and decision-support tool

  • Development Research Centre of the State Council
  • The Foreign Economic Cooperation Centre of the Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • The Development Research Centre of the Ministry of Water Resources
  • The British Embassy

9 February 2016
: Modelling Dynamics and Institutional Change in Energy Systems: The Role of Agent Based Modelling, King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Centre (KAPSARC), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

23 November 2015: International Collaboration in Energy Systems Integration, UCD Energy Institute & Electricity Research Centre Research Symposium 2015

16 - 18 November 2015: "Eighth Annual Meeting of the IAMC 2015", Potsdam, Germany

2 October 2015: G7 Alliance for Resource Efficiency, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), Berlin

25 - 28 August 2015: International Sustainability Conference 2015, University of Sussex

7-10th July 2015: Our Common Future under Climate Change (CFCC) Conference, Paris, France

29th June - 2nd July 2015: PowerTech Eindhoven

22-26 June 2015: 23rd International Input-Output Conference, Mexico, Mexico City

14th May 2015: Fuel poverty and energy vulnerability in Europe: New research findings and opportunities, Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy (CURE), University of Manchester

13-14 April 2015 Redefining the Energy Modelling-Policy Interface: Developing a Fully Open Source UK TIMES Model. Presentation at the 2nd Open Energy Modelling Workshop, Berlin

8th April 2015
: The Energy Technologies Institute (The ETI) Strategic Advisory Group Meeting, London

30th - 31st March 2015: 'The 5 research challenges of Energy Systems Integration', International Institute for Energy Systems Integration (iiESI) workshop, Imperial College London

2nd March 2015: The Council for Science and Technology round table discussion on the UK’s Energy landscape, Science Museum, London

22nd January 2015'Can UK Government Meet the Challenge of Energy Policy?', UCL Department of Political Science, London

5th December 2014'Energy modelling and the Energy Decision Making Process', Arup, London

4th September 2014: 'Workshop on Modelling and Policy Making (Tipping Points and Modelling theme)', Durham University