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Members wholeSEM have gone on to work at institutions around the world in a wide variety of careers: 

Dr Hannah Daly left UCL in October 2015 to become an Energy Modeler at International Energy Agency in Paris, France 

Dr Birgit Fais left UCL in March 2016 and is now working with the German government helping to implement energy policy.  

Dr Sheila Samsatli left Imperial in June 2016 and is now 50th Anniversary Prize Fellow in Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath, UK.

Dr Meysam Qadrdan left Imperial in December 2014 to take a post as a Lecturer at Cardiff University, UK.  

Rodrigo Andres Moreno Vieyra left the wholeSEM team in May 2016 to join the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department at Imperial University, London, UK.

Tina Balke left the University of Surrey in September 2014 to become a Senior Sales Engineer at Vanderlande in The Netherlands. 

Dr Tom Roberts left wholeSEM in August 2016 to take a post at The University of Surrey as a Lecturer in Sociology.  

Dr Tom Rushby left the University of Surrey in January 2017 to take a post at in Sustainable Energy Research Group at the University of Southampton, UK.

Liz Milner was the wholeSEM Centre Manager and left in May 2016 to do a secondment as the Interim Institute Manager at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, London, UK.