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Dr Julian Allwood delivers TEDx talk for 'One World' Conference

15 April 2014

World in hands

On Saturday 8th March, Dr Julian Allwood, University of Cambridge and Co Investigator for wholeSEM delivered a TEDx talk titled 'Let's just use less energy'. The talk considered our use of energy and the possibilities that we have for addressing climate change. His talk concluded with a recognition that we need a dialogue beyond engineering and science, that we need to consider the role of sociology to understand our use of energy. His closing comment stated that "If we can think about our identity and our use of energy, maybe it will turn out that we are very much better off with using less of it".

The whole systems energy modelling (wholeSEM) consortium will build and link energy models across these disciplines to consider behavioural responses, the dynamics of technological change, the role of key infrastructures, and the wider environmental implications. 

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