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University College London

Professor Neil Strachan (Principal Investigator)
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Dr Ilkka Keppo (Co-Investigator)
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Mr Francesco Fuso Nerini
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Dr Pei-hao Li
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Dr James Price
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Dr Matthew Winning
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Dr Marianne Zeyringer
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University of Cambridge

Professor Julian Allwood (Co-Investigator)
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Professor Keith Richards (Co-Investigator)
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Dr Richard Fenner (Co-Investigator)
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Dr Richard McMahon (Co-Investigator)
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Dr Dennis Konadu
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Ms Alexandra Skelton
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Dr Zenaida Sobral-Mourao
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Mr Rick Lupton
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Imperial College London

Professor Nilay Shah (Co-Investigator)
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Professor Goran Strbec (Co-Investigator)
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Dr Marko Aunedi
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Dr Dimitrios Papadaskalopoulos
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Dr Pedro Rivotti
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University of Surrey

Professor Nigel Gilbert (Co-Investigator)
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Dr Kavin Preethi Narasimha
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Dr Maria Xenitidou
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Dr Aimie Hope
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Centre Manager

Pascale Davies (Based at UCL)
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